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Business Coaches doing Videos in their Cars – Disrespectful?

I am tired of seeing all of these “coaches” doing videos while they drive. I personally have a great respect for my audience and whenever I am about to film something, I put an effort to gather myself.

I don’t do it as if “by the way” or “while I’m here anyway” and so on. Somehow to me this whole car thing is just disrespectful.

I also think that when you drive, focus on driving, not on narrating your newest Youtube video. It’s distracting.  I am surprised how this vlogging while driving thing is not illegal.

What are your thoughts? There is even a hashtag for this out there – #VloggingWhileDriving

mouse and motivation steals enormous cookie

Motivation – 5 Simple Incentives a Mouse Can Teach

by Inna, Ukaine

Bath doesn’t last forever, so is motivation. Once in a while we all need a fresh portion of stimuli injected into our action-propelling jet-system in order to get back on the top of air stream. At the point, when neither friend’s advises, nor luminaries’ examples are effectual to make good in our undertaking, we have the last resort. Which is to look up to the nature. No, it has nothing to do with plaintive contemplating over picturesque landscapes of succulent tropical flora on an uninhabited island… The matter in hand gravitates rather down to Earth, we would even say about a couple of metres lower than floor. In a basement. Where a mouse may dwell. (Disclaimer: on no account have we implied that it’s precisely your basement abound with vermin, it’s just the most probable place you can meet them, at your neighbours, of course.)


Embedded video shows an unkempt, but nevertheless lit scene, some tune playing on the background to embolden our little grey Thespian. Now, if you haven’t seen the clip so far, go ahead and watch it, because spoilers are all over in the part below.



Hilarious, isn’t it? Yet, this short film is quite edifying when it boils down to efforts of setting up and chasing goals. We are certain every intelligent human can discover similar series of  motivating constituents at each of the next five crucial stages the little rodent has successfully cantered through on its way to obtain the well-deserved yummy trophy.


1. First off, define the target. By smell, taste, vision or …mental comprehension. Beware, the last approach is dangerous, for the reason that dozen billion citizens in all cannot win a lottery draw simultaneously. Goals should be sensible, timely, and reachable. A mouse-high slab to climb on and a fresh cookie. The mouse wouldn’t apparently have endeavoured to drag it on if the treat crumbled to ash eventually or grey Mickey turned into bony carcass exercising weight-lifting. So, choose your goal consciously.


2. Try different methods and procedures. Push it in front of yourself. If your objective flips you topsy-turvy or weights down, alternate your strategy to pulling it behind. Stay as ingenious as you can in adjusting and improving the taken course and using all expedients you have got a hold of. To entertain yourself on the current stage and preclude soon drooping you are welcome to use such ubiquitous terms as bench-marking, ROI of efforts and time, etc. If your perseverance hits the jackpot, congratulations! If you are still puffing and huffing on this phase, go to the third bullet point.


3. Take a spell of relaxation. There is nothing more exhausting and pointless than to flog a dead horse, moreover a mouse. Treat yourself to something pleasant you wished for before diving into this venture. A day out with old friend who asked you for a dinner, an evening in with a book and family, a momentary bite on your cumbersome cookie, whatever will make you happy. At times, a little reward under-way means more than all lofty promises, magnetising lures and coveted expectations of soon game you are preying on.


4. Second part of self-confidence therapy implies you have to imagine you already succeeded. Do you remember the sequence when our long-tailed great pretender jumped up on the slab, looked around and reverted to its work-out? At least, you can assure your precious self the toilsome task yields to accomplishment. Assume all the faith you have, concentrate on your target. Check out if have developed telepathy or telekinesis skills by now. No dice? Nothing to get upset about, nobody ever did. Therefore, we are coming back to our old good, verified method, picking up the attempt where we have left. Ready. Set. Go!


5. This paragraph might sound commonplace, for all that it makes a perfect sense. Exert the final strenuous effort, considering all the obstacles you stumbled over before and any scheme you devised to overcome them, and bingo!


Now you have a time to celebrate your victory. Until other rodents have set their goals on acquiring your cookie. Blimey! Are we still talking about mice?


mouse and motivation steals enormous cookie