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Time Management for Stay at Home Entrepreneur Moms

Being a mom means a lot to me, but it also takes up a lot of my time. I can’t work day and night like I once did before. Yes, I have less time.

However, I still want to keep up my business and I cringe when I see my competitors aggressively marketing while I am barely capable of handling client’s requests.

Lately I’ve been catching myself thinking something along the lines of “if I’d have more time, I’d be making more sales and thus more money”… but then I realize that without money I am not going to have that time. It’s a vicious cycle.

It took me a long time just to gather up some courage and hire a baby sitter. I had so many fears around the subject of trusting someone else with my child and also thoughts of how much it will cost me in the long run. Once I hired her, I realized that it is not as scary as I imagined and it costs me more if my work doesn’t get done.

I think I eliminated a bunch of time wasters like television and personal use of social media, but I still find that let’s say for past few recent trips I only managed to pack my suitcase 20 minutes before my departure to the airport.

We work best when we can give a task our full and undivided attention. Brian Tracy says that people should schedule chunks of uninterrupted time. How is it possible when a small child demands supervision and constant care?

Multitasking is a thief of time because it scatters your attention.  Choosing not to scatter it means that you may have to decline a phone call, not to answer someone’s e-mail right away, and so on. It’s not easy and people may take it as an offense, just saying from experience here.

One of my German friends has her username everywhere as “I Am 4 Time”. She is a very organized woman, always on time, generating passive income and finding lots of time to spend with family. One thing I notice about her is that she has a firm schedule. You can hear something from her like “I can help you with your errand, but keep in mind that I need to leave by 12.” She’s got a balance of being friendly and helpful, but also firm.

In an article I read it says that people who struggle with time management and productivity often have great bubbly personalities and lots of friends. It’s a paradox in a sense. I want to manage my time well so I can spend more of it with friends… but then this means that if I spend a lot of time with friends, I’ll have issues with time and productivity. Does it?

I see how easy it is to get sucked into first going for a short visit, then staying longer, then running into another friend… and the whole evening is gone with no time to complete your scheduled tasks. Social media is the worst in that case. I go to see what other people are posting and 10 minutes later I realize that I am reading about what horrible shoes people wore at a red carpet event – totally not what I would imagine doing.

My key to so far to dealing with motherhood and managing my business is to schedule my work and request my spouse or a baby sitter to take over caring for the child. While I work, I have a NOT TO DO list. I will not chat with friends, peel potatoes, wash the sink, etc.


E-Myth Book Review

So like many others you want to start your own business.  Sometimes that can become a trap too… there is a very small book that you should read called the E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber.  It’s about how a business can quickly become a job that is very unsatisfying and how to avoid that situation.  It takes more than just this one book to build a good business but it is a start and a warning of what should be avoided.

This book is written in an easy to understand language and gives a real example of a woman going through struggles of an entrepreneur. She got stuck in that business but then with some mentorship managed to get it moving forward again. For sure one of the best books so far! I got my hands on the E-Myth Revisited.

“The vast majority of people [who go into business] set out to become their own boss… If they’re like everybody else that I’ve met, they’re working for a lunatic. ” –Michael E. Gerber, top-selling author and small business guru 


web traffic 5 success inspiration

Your Visions and Inspirations

web traffic 5 successWhat are your visions? Do you ever think of what you want to achieve in the long run?

I asked my friends and here is what they said:


“My plans for the future are to build a experienced team of entrepreneurs. Leveraging each others strengths in order to efficiently build and own a network of businesses that have a high emphasis on quality and service. Also, to grow the profits earned in the business ventures via international investing.”


“I would like to be able not to do much work, make a lot of money, and put my spare time and money towards making a difference.  My goal in the long run is to help facilitate adoption of orphans to other countries (right now it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time, so a lot of people simply can’t do it even if they’d like to). This may sound crazy, but this is honestly what I’d like to do.”
“I truly believe building a strong team in my company will help me accomplish my dream of being able to give back to my community which helped me grow to be who I am.”
“My mentor wants to build schools in developing nations, teach them English and give them jobs at the school and/or a call center. The call center is also where we would outsource all of our communications for all of our businesses that we build. He mainly wants to target underprivileged people and people stuck in a lifestyle that they think they can’t get out of ie, the sex trade workers. This will be empowering to the people and the economy of the nation. We believe that in business if the situation is not a win, win, win situation then it will not be sustainable.”
growth hacking
Those are awesome goals and do not sound the least bit crazy to me! I really hope all these people achieve them. The most important thing is that they have it to begin with.
canada usa visa

What visa does a Canadian entrepreneur need to work in United States?

Some of you may wonder why bother with a visa at all since Canadians have no problem to cross the border for fun and events.  But if you are going to do anything work related, ask yourself – “are you doing something that a US person is being paid to do?”

If you are, you need a US visa. You can’t actually legally work in the states or even supervise or do simple tasks like unpack and sort without a visa.

There are several types of visas for Canadians:

  • B-1 Visa
  • E-2 Visa
  • L-1 Visa
  • E-1 Visa

Some more points to think about:

Probably the toughest decision is between E1 or E2.

If you applied for one, carry proof that you applied.

When applying, they’ll ask you about what you are selling, its origin, and if you are planning to hire workers in United States.

It’s best if you can show that you need to hire workers in USA and that you plan to have a warehouse and an office.

EB-1 manage executive visa is a way to get a green card eventually. It comes from the L-1 Visa.

Consult your immigration lawyer to avoid problems.

Good luck!

canada usa visa

coffee and business

Why is coffee a typical drink for a business person?

History of Coffee

Perhaps we can start by looking at the origin of coffee dates back to 600 A.D. There are several legends about the origin of coffee, one of which states that in Eastern Africa, a shepherd called Kaldi observed that his goats were overactive when they ate cherry-red berries from a shrub. He tried to eat some of the berries, and found himself invigorated too. Soon, news spread about the stimulating effects of these berries, and monks started using the berries to stay awake during their long hours of prayer.  

Coffee and International Trade

From Eastern Africa, coffee was transported to Arabia and then to Turkey, where they roasted the beans and boiled them and gave rise to a crude form of coffee that we use today.  Soon, coffee spread to Europe, America, and other continents, and now it is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed by multitudes of people all over the world.  To this day this is one of the most traded commodities.

Coffee and Entrepreneurship

Let’s say that the main personality trait of an entrepreneur is their drive.  They get up and go.  Coffee is a drink that gives us a kick start in the morning, that extra nudge to leave the bed and welcome the new day.  Energy, hype, and aroma with a hint of bitterness may describe in a way a typical day of an entrepreneur that can be full of excitement but also moments of hardship.

Business over Coffee?

I wonder why nobody asked me so far to talk about business over tea.  But I am even beginning to regret that I never developed a taste for coffee, only perhaps for dark roast espresso once in a blue moon.

coffee and business

boris mann vancouver web entrepreneur

Boris Mann, Vancouver Web Entrepreneur

A few days ago I visited the TechVibes event and saw Boris Mann speak there briefly about start ups in Vancouver.  He is a web entrepreneur and he is a managing director at Full Stack.  

He expressed his concern about the talent drain from Vancouver and the need to build a healthy start up ecosystem.  We live in a city that is close to the Silicon Valley, has a great climate, and in general people are happy to be there.  It’s up to us to make it a more successful place from a business point of view.

boris mann vancouver web entrepreneur

Photo from Hackdays Site


Boris Mann’s blog:



Boris on Twitter:




Do you need to spend money to make money?

moneyIf you are patient and crafty enough – no.

Software like WordPress will let anyone build even an e-commerce website.  Even if you are not a programmer!

And if you are a computer programmer… There are many free tools, tutorials and sample scripts for open-source technologies such as PHP. The Internet is a fantastic resource for Web programmers.

Think. Make things happen. That’s the key to entrepreneurship.

freedom, work for yourself,

freedom from the boss comes with a price – lots of hard work

bossFrom my php course instructor:

source: notes from Server-side Web Scripting with PHP Level 2, BCIT institute

“Since this is the last PHP course we will take together, it is the instructor’s intent to teach as much real-world PHP as possible. This means the course is very demanding. Keep your mind on the end goal (which of course may be a long way away): freedom from a boss, freedom to work from home, freedom to work as you see fit. The price of all this freedom is a lot of up-front hard work and study. If we work very hard right now, for a relatively short while, and finish what we start, the payoffs may last for years.”

How true! Now I get clients calling, more than I can handle. How did it happen? As a result of hard work, taking courses, going to the library, learning, and asking questions.


Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg Creates WordPress

—Who created WordPress?

Matt Mullenweg

When you want to pick up something new (sport, any skill, application), we have to start from very basic element and put aside our misconceptions.
—Wordpress was created by Matt Mullenweg and http://ma.tt is his blog which is a word press site.
—He wanted to know some way to put simple content on the internet. So after some working with people, he created wordpress.
—Wordpress is more than a blog publishing application. If you go to http://enwordpress.com/notable.users you will see very heavy headers and
—Organizations like CNN,  Fashion Stars, Magazine and politic websites are based on wordpress and it’s not one size for all type thing. You can make it what you wanted to be. You have to grab it and twist it to whatever you what.