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Lured into Subscription by buying a Sample – Beware

I just got this in my mailbox from Desjardins Visa, read it and be careful!


“We are writing to let you know about an issue involving the purchase of online product samples that has caused unwanted surprises for some of our clients.

When requesting a product sample, clients sometimes forget to review the terms and conditions of their purchase and do not realize they’re actually also agreeing to a subscription. As a result of the subscription, additional products are delivered and billed to the client. If you recently requested a sample online, you can check the sales conditions on the merchant’s website to see whether you have actually taken out a subscription. You can then contact the merchant if necessary.”

I’ve heard of Costco doing this kind of sneaky stuff, they sell a certain luxury cream very cheap, but then that cosmetic company starts billing you monthly.

I’ve looked into it online and turns out it was some survey on Costco’s site that offered you free samples given that you pay the shipping, but then billing you the full cost if you wouldn’t return those back.

Of course Costco will deny any relation to this,¬†they say that those are scammers who pretend to be them and there is even a fraud note on Costco’s site.

Remember, there is no free lunch and always read the small print.