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How to successfully sell a website on Flippa.com

I just noticed that one of the sites I kept an eye on has successfully sold. So I’m wondering, how to sell successfully rather than to let domain names just expire?

Especially if the website already generates revenue, it could be worth it to sell. Some sources of revenue can be:

  • Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • eCommerce
  • Ad Sales
  • Amazon
  • Dropship
  • Subscription

You can include the social media profiles associated with your website in the description of your listing.

If you do have a good following on social media, think about ow much money all the social media following brings in for you. Also, what makes your brand unique? How is the inventory maintained, if you do have an online store?

Anyone who has some business experience will want to see things like a Profit and Loss statement and a balance sheet. If you have inventory they need to know the value of it.

Few serious buyers are going to invest money based solely on what you say you are making. If you just have a lot of followers and little revenue then the operation is worth little or nothing.

If you think there is potential to build it up even though it doesn’t return much now, then you should have a written and realistic business plan to show.

I’ve heard of some people selling their blogs. Blogs are not very valuable based on readers, they’re valuable based on income. But as you see above, there are affiliate programs to monetize it with.

Some people say that need a good attorney and tax adviser, but perhaps these costs could be avoided if using an auction site.

How much will your site be worth?  Ultimately it’s just going to go for what your profit currently is, multiplied by a few years.


eBay Pulse replaced by Find Popular Items

Being a new seller on eBay, I find it quite tough to make sense out of that site in general. So with all the educational videos that I watched on Youtube, I am surprised to see that the tool that is most praised for discovering trends, eBay Pulse, no longer exists.

Now it’s been replaced by Find Popular Items section – http://popular.ebay.com/

Perhaps I am tuning in late, but some people say that it’s gone since 2009.