Recently I noticed that one of my sites didn’t rank as high and I wondered what happened.

How does your site rank in the Big3 – Google, Bing & Yahoo?

Google though as they own over 2/3 of all search traffic, and over 95% of mobile searches. It is the most popular search engine in the world, hence it makes sense to focus on it. If you rank high in Google, you’ll see the most traffic.

SEO Treasures?  I wonder where they are hidden.

In order for a site to be good, it has to have a lot of information on it, and that’s what you need to make you website move up in ranking Google search. The more information / content rich your website is the higher it will rank in the un-sponsored part of Google search.


I am reading a book now on this and it turns out that Google doesn’t reveal information on purpose so people don’t find ways to cheat.  But of course from experience you can figure out some rules.

I’ll most more when I finish reading, but so far make sure you have …

– detailed keywords in your meta tags
– domain names that include your keywords in the URL
– good content with proper keywords
– domain age matters, so don’t wait to register your domain


After some time I am adding those note: it was a great idea to read that book!  It helped a lot.  Here we’ll include some tips for you!


Learn about plug ins.

Learn about new Google updates.

Learning never stops. 


Are you just starting out?  Learn how to optimize your page with the following:

  • —URL
  • —Tags
  • —Headings
  • —Titles
  • —META
  • —Categories
  • —Image Names
  • —Text



From my personal diary on how Meta tags should not be forgotten:

WordPress offers to add tags and additional meta data for each post.  I am making a point to do that for every one of my posts.  Will it make a difference?  I hope so.  Ooops, I almost forgot to do that for my other blog on blogspot!  I didn’t know that their word for “tags” is “labels”.

Yes, it made a huge difference in my traffic!

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