Psychology of your home: what does your room say about you?

Lately I haven’t been feeling happy about my home. I thought to search a little deeper and see what it may say about what’s going on in my life in general.  Turns out that Sam Gosling, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas actually made this a research topic and published some results.

If you look around your home, you’ll see that everything there says something about you. What’s in order and what isn’t, for example, may say something about your priorities. It is shaped by your choices.

People use their home to display their identity, for example, by setting out books they want to read or photos of their travels and family.

Each room may reflect how we want to feel there. Let’s say, romance in the bedroom and relaxation in the living room, or motivation and creativity at the office desk.

A room may show some traces of one’s behavior and elements of their personality. For example, orderly DVDs, messy cupboard, etc.  Let’s say a desk cluttered with empty coffee cups and energy drinks reveals a life lacking in balance.



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