seo pyramid structured pages

Structured Pages and SEO

seo pyramid structured pages

Did you ever hear the term “Structured Pages”?

How interesting, someone just told me that 1/2 of the SEO is setting structured pages!  True?  I think it makes perfect sense.

I would love to hear your feedback.  At least this point was something that I haven’t seen in any SEO books just yet.

But SEO moz has a pretty good tutorial.  They actually even have a free trial that I would like to run some day.

It is about having proper titles, headings, and images labeled in a certain way with the mail keywords being featured.

installation vs WordPress self-hosting

What are your options for hosting?

Free or paid?installation

1-Free cloud hosting via
—2.Manage by company named “Automatic” which is owned by the creator
—of the wordpress. All the update and maintenance is by this company. It’s very secure, very fast and if something happens to the server, your site never disappears.
—3-There are some restriction about publishing content, for example google ads.
—4-There are “pre-defined “theme library that makes you some limitation about using other themes or customizing theme.
—5-There is a “pre-denfined functionality” that means, you can’t use other plug in or functionality, or adding some behaviors to your website.
—6-There is “no hassle”, no hard work. You only publish and add contents.
—7-It allows you import content from self-hosting and other services to your website.
—1-Self- hosted option is via downloading from “”.
—2-Managed by you. All the cost of webhosting and maintenance is by you, so there is no restriction about the publishing content.
—3-You use any theme and download or customize ant there is no restriction about downloading any plug-in or adding any behavior to your website.
—4-You can import any content from self-hosting or any other services to your website.
Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg Creates WordPress

—Who created WordPress?

Matt Mullenweg

When you want to pick up something new (sport, any skill, application), we have to start from very basic element and put aside our misconceptions.
—Wordpress was created by Matt Mullenweg and is his blog which is a word press site.
—He wanted to know some way to put simple content on the internet. So after some working with people, he created wordpress.
—Wordpress is more than a blog publishing application. If you go to you will see very heavy headers and
—Organizations like CNN,  Fashion Stars, Magazine and politic websites are based on wordpress and it’s not one size for all type thing. You can make it what you wanted to be. You have to grab it and twist it to whatever you what.

How to Install WordPress

How to install WordPress Manually on Your Own installation

Download WordPress

Upload your file in the host

Start install wordpress, following the step

You will need to create your own database first.

Enter your database

Set up your webpage title, username, and password

Use your username and password to login

Login your webpage and edit

Your webpage

How to install WordPress

web traffic 11 links

Do you have words in your permalinks?

web traffic 11 links

Step 1 – Change your Default for Permalinks

WordPress automatically sets it to numbers and digits.
Bad idea!
Make sure you have words in your URL.

—Don’t use “?p=_ and 0-9” in your URL, use words!
—For whatever reason, WordPress puts digits in the URL by default.  In the Permalink tab (under Settings) you can change it to either “post name” or “custom”.


—Here is a URL for a Public Relations company’s portfolio.  Would you know what it is by looking at the link?  No, and Google wouldn’t know either.


—A better example of a URL would be from an online store that sells fashion stockings.  You can see the word “stockings” in the URL and also the word “fashion” in the category for that.


—With any opportunity to draw attention to my glorious self, I present an example of a URL for an article about Katie DiCicco’s album cover and her fashionable pantyhose.
—I didn’t know this before, but after I applied it to my blog, my organic traffic increased by 4 times.

What to get for a computer programmer who can’t hammer in a nail?



nail marketing idea sharp

Holiday time is always one of those tough decision times.  What to get for him?

Or, how about any other time when you ask your man to hang a mirror and it’s crooked?  The times have changed, so has technology.

Social media is a perfect way to drive attention to a new product in a humorous way.


This is an example of a sponsored tweet.  You can target people in your niche with many followers on twitter like that.

Do you see how such tools can be good for marketing?


we’ll have the best traffic tips for you!


This site is started by a young woman who always had the desire to learn new things and techniques.  She holds an engineering degree, owns an international business, and runs a popular fashion blog.

Topics to be covered:

  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Blogging

We also hope to touch on some selling psychology to help you increase your conversions if you are running an e-commerce site, or participation on a regular blog.

Please be patient, this is a brand new site!

You can’t separate SEO and marketing.


If your users can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

Don’t just outsource, learn yourself too.  Stay in control.  This is your future, your sales, and your money at stake.

Tech & Ideas is not to be separated.


Here is an example from my diary entry:

“I was surprised, I googled “pantyhose humour” and I was at the bottom of page 2.  The other blogger was the first listing.  But my content was much better!  What’s going on?

I changed the URL to include “pantyhose humour” in the description and automatically I am now on the first page, 3rd ranking.  Yay!”


Think about what’s best for your client too.  I had a person who claims to work in advertising tell me that I MUST put all catalogs in a video format.  But that would annoy my clients.  They prefer to flip through website or through a printed hard copy.  Not all advice is good.

Sport, Technology, and Business.