Every once in a while people ask me how it is possible that this blog brings some money. I decided to take this opportunity and explain a few things about what how bloggers like me can at least cover some expenses.  This topic is probably not what you expect.

Here are some ways of making money online listed from most successful to least successful from my own personal experience.

Youtube Partnership

It is possible to make some money from Youtube videos (your own 100% original content, not copied from elsewhere).  If you register for Google Adsense and apply for Youtube partnership, you may be approved to play advertisement on your videos and make a few cents when someone clicks the ads.

In order to qualify you should have already about 10 video, at least 100 subscribers, and pretty good traffic.  It is not a sure thing that you will get approved!  I got declined the first time that I applied, for example.  You need to have persistence and to really like what you are doing in order to last.  Don’t quote me on these numbers, Youtube’s policies change all the time.

I had some cumulative projections of what I’ll be making after so many popular videos, but it didn’t come true due to some factors I had no idea about at first.  Looks like some people flag videos that are not at all of mature nature.  For example, I had a video where I was fully clothed, standing in a city square and talking about successful women.  That got flagged as age-restricted somehow!  Be prepared, it’s not fair in a lot of cases.

Videos get stolen from time to time.  That’s a sad reality.  To protect my copyright I use a watermark.  That means, you require some kind of a video program to do that.  My camera man uses Final Cut Pro for that feature.  It takes a very long time and the program itself is very expensive.  Last but not least, Fantasy Stockings is a registered business name, in case I ever need to prove that my watermark is in fact referring to my own work.

Youtube’s main weakness is that it is not consistent.  But it is also it’s main advantage!  Don’t worry if you are not approved for partnership.  Apply again.  They are not consistent, so thus your outcome for the same action may be different.  If your normal and legal video got flagged, just re-upload it again.

Be resilient.  It’s not worth it to get upset over actions of a robotic website.

Adsense on Blogs

Just like you can have Adsense run on your Youtube videos, you can have it like that on your blog too.  But nothing will happen unless you have traffic.  If your traffic is less than 100 hits per day, I wouldn’t bother.



It started off kind of shaky, but it is showed potential.  I seemed to make about $10 per month.  This is about only 5% or so from what my Adsense revenue used to be before they changed a few algorithms.

Next thing you know – Adbrite Shuts Down and Doesn’t Pay Publishers.  Some people say they had bounced checks.  I only got my first check and never got the 2nd.



Sponsored Tweets is a good program, but you need to have at least 1000 subscribers in order for it to be worth it.  Somewhat, at least.



Not that good, plus, if you don’t make $50 per year, they’ll dissolve your account along with the cash.



No, no, no, terrible.  Your ranking will drop too.  User-experience will be ruined.  No money there.


Sometimes I Hire Too

Also, let me tell you upfront that there is not much money in my case, but enough to cover the cost of hosting, domain, website maintenance help, occasional research help in foreign languages, and from time to time some clothing that I buy for photoshoots.

Some of you get totally amazed that I pay for help for my Fantasy Stockings blog.  People keep on saying over and over that I should have enough fans who are willing to do whatever I want.  From my experience, however, it is literally 1 in a million that will offer help.  I’ve been blessed to find such generous people, but it’s only perhaps 5 of them at maximum that I know and it would not be fair to ask them to help with tedious tasks on regular basis.

Please don’t be fooled.  People come to  my site for entertainment.  If they say they want to help, that means they want to help with whatever is entertaining!  Nobody wants to sit and look through programming code or translate pages of text free of charge.


Word of Caution:

– Do not ever rely on money you make online.  It may disappear one day for reasons out of your control.  Keep this in mind.  Internet is full of good people who got kicked off Adsense for no reason at all and no notice.

– Please don’t think that it’s easy money.  It isn’t.  Be prepared to spend time on creating your original content, writing your blog posts, learning about things like search engine optimization, and so on.  I may look carefree in my videos, but it’s just an image that I choose to project.  In fact I go to the library to read books about computer-related subjects and I even singed up for a programming course.


Hey, I don’t give up until I’ll buy myself one of these Porsche babies :)

Orange Porche Car

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