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Markus Frind – BCIT Graduate, founder of Plenty of Fish

Even years back when I lived in Toronto I’ve heard of the free dating site called Plenty of Fish.  But when I decided to enroll in some part-time courses, I realized that the founder, Markus Frind, is actually a role model for college students and here are some reasons why.  Did you know that Markus Frind graduated from BCIT?  It stands for British Columbia Institute of Technology – the same place where I take my php course.

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Markus Frind at the Techvibes Tech Fest Job Fair in Vancouver



Since the site itself is free, you may wonder where the money comes from.  This Vancouver-based entrepreneur is one of those Google millionaires.  At least he used to be, perhaps now he has more income from direct advertising.  He made $1,000,000 per month from AdSense!  The ads run on his plenty of fish dating website that started in 2003.  One year after Markus Frind started Plenty of Fish he was earning $200,000 a month.  He was just one person who came up with one app.  Luck, timing, and having a great name for his site resulted in this success.



Currently Plenty of fish is hiring developers and not only.  They have people with PhD’s working there in just about anything, solving technical problems and predicting who will date who.  There are even cosmologists and mathematicians.



  • No one uses the internet anymore, so flash and silver light are dead.
  • Online businesses should start everywhere simultaneously.
  • Vast majority of advertising is in non-English speaking countries.
  • Go to start up meetups for support.
  • Privacy does not exist anymore.
  • Next five years all mobile and tablet development.
  • He had 15 million users by the time he hired the first person.
  • Once it’s successful you have a time of options, if its not successful you don’t have any options.
  • The ability to think and solve the problem is one skill.
  • Aha moment: when he put AdSense on the site and it made a thousand bucks.
  • We ditched the intimate encounter section of the site… it was 150,000 men a day and 6,000 women….  “Married” dating also got removed from the site.
  • Insights on dating – it’s all based on income.  If the women make $10,000 more than men, relationship is over. People who have similar income, similar interests… that would work.
  • If you don’t do the match and figure out why people are leaving, you have zero chance.
  • Smokers have double the break up rate.
  • If your parents are divorced, you are more likely to be a serial dater.
  • It’s not about being the smartest person in the room, it’s about being the most efficient and effective.
  • You don’t need a partner for business.  Do all the work first – work in a small company.

One thing from above that Markus points out is that there is an explosion of mobile traffic. It could be due to people having extra time in transit to browse.  This is something on the rise that entrepreneurs cannot ignore.  Another thing worth knowing is that he sometimes gives talks at meetups, like for example there one coming up on growth hacking.


dating, Markus Frind, bcit, pof

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