You can’t separate SEO and marketing.


If your users can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

Don’t just outsource, learn yourself too.  Stay in control.  This is your future, your sales, and your money at stake.

Tech & Ideas is not to be separated.


Here is an example from my diary entry:

“I was surprised, I googled “pantyhose humour” and I was at the bottom of page 2.  The other blogger was the first listing.  But my content was much better!  What’s going on?

I changed the URL to include “pantyhose humour” in the description and automatically I am now on the first page, 3rd ranking.  Yay!”


Think about what’s best for your client too.  I had a person who claims to work in advertising tell me that I MUST put all catalogs in a video format.  But that would annoy my clients.  They prefer to flip through website or through a printed hard copy.  Not all advice is good.

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