Japanese Konmari Method to Live Free of Clutter

We moved to this house with one U-Haul truck and now I feel that we’ll need 5 of those trucks to move out. I can’t understand even where all the stuff came from! Time to purge.

Recently I came across Konmari method from Marie Kondo in Japan. She liked to clean her house since childhood and she made millions doing just that and teaching others! Can you imagine making a successful living from something so simple?

Marie Kondo’s idea is simple – if this item doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.  I used this method and it is so much simpler to think that way rather than “will I use it someday?”

This experience also made me pay more attention to the quality of the clothing I’v got in my wardrobe and the fit. I noticed, for example, that one of the shirts had crooked seams. Another shirt was ripped along the seams and I don’t even know why I had it.

One thing Marie says is not to do clean up little by little, but let’s say group all the shirts and make a decision looking at your entire collection rather than part.

Here are six basic rules of cleaning up:

#1. Commit to it, it will take quite a lot of time.

#2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle. Writing it down or finding photo examples help.

#3. Finish discarding unwanted items before getting storage bins for what’s left to keep.

#4. Sort by category, not per room. It’s best to gather all of the same items at once to see what you need and what you don’t from that selection.

#5. Follow the right order.  There is a sequence from Marie, she recommends to start with clothing, then documents, and only later with sentimental things like photos.

#6. Does it spark joy? If not, don’t keep it.

Do you need a good reason to get started? Decluttering will reduce your stress levels. A study at UCLA found that your cortisol spikes when you see clutter. Multi-tasking overloads our brain, clutter overloads the senses.


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