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                              Introduction ofShijiazhuang Zechen Trade Co.,Ltd.

                              1.Company Introduction

                              Founded in 2010, Shijiazhuang Zechen Trade Co.,Ltd. is now focusing on sales. It is mainly engaged in sales agency of domestic and foreign brands of steel, mining, power, and chemical machinery and electronic products.

                              2.At the beginning of its establishment, it took advantage of its own specialized production advantages, summarized the advantages and disadvantages of various marketing methods in the market evaluation and demonstration, and finally gave up the original traditional sales methods in the industry and positioned itself in the salesmodeof service-type products. Through market positioning and responsible attitudes, develop reasonable customer market with reasonable production capacity, and keep market development in step with market capability and service quality.

                              Sales characteristics of service type products:

                              A.Serve customers,maintain the market through dedicated,butler, high-quality and comprehensive services.

                              B.The company has conducted detailed investigations on the equipment used by existing customers:

                              Complete understandthe use, processes, production processesof equipment. Timely and reasonably arrange sales staff to pay return visits to customers to fully understand user needs.

                              C.The product materials are diversified. Supplytargetedproducts,optimize manufacturing equipment for customer, maximize product use time, and increase product life in a scientific manner. The problem of user maintenance and personnel allocation is solved, so that users have no extra worries.

                              4.Product line

                              A.Our products are widely used in metallurgy,mining,power plants and other industries,such as crusher equipment,slurry pumps and valves,etc.

                              B.In recent years, the main agency productsinclude American Tyco. Dresser Kennametal, BMW Valves, Fuchs products, Spain Vickert,Germany Summerson, Diba, Kluber, Dutch Tomoe, Sweden Hardox steel, and Japan Okano.

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