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WordPress Error Message: blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2


I am getting an error message on my other WordPress site after upgrading to the new version.

“blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2”

I had a look online and some people say that they installed “sexy plugin” or something like that and now it’s giving them an error. Some people recommend JQuery upgrade.

So I went ahead and deactivated all plugins that I had (I only had 2) – Jetpack for WordPress and Jigoshop.  That right away got rid of the message problem.

I can’t say which one of those caused the problem, but if you have any one of those, try to deactivate and start again.


Updating to a New WordPress Version can Screw Up your Purchases Online

wordpress I learned the hard way not to run a new upgrade before you do a major sale.  It can screw up your online purchases for the viewer.  Their browser will still read the old version from the cache.



CUSTOMER: “Add to cart button is not showing”

ME: ” I have no idea what’s happening, let me see what’s going on.  When I go to look at it, I get the “add to cart” for exactly the same request and 23 in stock. :(”

I checked and turns out that people who recently accessed BEFORE THE UPDATE the site had problems with purchases.

ME: “It could be that in your “memory” you had the page before I installed the new wordpress update.  At least that’s what the tech guy told me.”

CUSTOMER: ” I just tried the site… and yes indeed its functioning now. I’m glad it’s been sorted out.”


Many people choose to use WordPress because it is so easy and you don’t need to know any php or html to get started. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to learn. Almost monthly something comes up for me that is beyond just regular user knowledge.


Below is another problem I experienced at a later date with Fancy Box script.



Jigoshop Issues

jigoshopJigoshop is easy to use, but it has its moments.

Let’s just say that if you modify your template, but then you update your blog to a new version of WordPress and new version of Jigoshop – all of that gets erased.

Keep that in mind.

Also, it’s not easy to find answers if you have problems.

But, the best part is that Jigoshop is free.  Well, unless you need the support and the special template.

yoast-logo wordpress plug in

WordPress SEO Plugin – Yoast Review

yoast-logo wordpress plug inYOAST SEO

Do you forget to include keywords? —
The plug-in feature for SEO is the most recent that I tried to optimize my blog.  It is a great tool to add extra META data to a post and to highlight the main keywords.  It serves as a check list to include the main keyword where it is supposed to be.
I use Yoast plug in.  I would say it’s pretty straight forward, but it reminds me to put enough keywords and to write enough text.  If you have questions, they have support on twitter.
From Yoast website:
Home of team Yoast, led by Joost de Valk, developer of many WordPress plugins and an authority on WordPress & website optimization.
web traffic 10 seo

SEO Tips in WordPress


—- Rules for SEO are constantly changing and they are not written in a detailed manual anywhere on the web either.  This is a strategy to stay ahead of spam and manipulation.

—- It is best to concern yourself with SEO while building the website, rather than try to change everything after it is already complete, to avoid creating broken links.

—- There are plenty of tools online like Google Analytics that can be used to measure traffic, landing pages, and most efficient keywords.

—- For optimum results, websites should be updated on regular basis.  This is hence why many websites have a blog section – an opportunity to post frequent updates.

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Creating your First Post in WordPress


wordpress badgesWriting posts and pages is the core activity in WP.
You can start your editorial experience by clicking the Add New button located in the Posts menu:
—You can proceed with entering the desired content. Once you are ready, the new post can be published just by clicking the Publish button.
Same for pages!
—Creating individual pages in WordPress is quite similar to writing a post. You should simply click Add New in the Pages menu.
installation vs WordPress self-hosting

What are your options for hosting?

Free or paid?installation

1-Free cloud hosting via
—2.Manage by company named “Automatic” which is owned by the creator
—of the wordpress. All the update and maintenance is by this company. It’s very secure, very fast and if something happens to the server, your site never disappears.
—3-There are some restriction about publishing content, for example google ads.
—4-There are “pre-defined “theme library that makes you some limitation about using other themes or customizing theme.
—5-There is a “pre-denfined functionality” that means, you can’t use other plug in or functionality, or adding some behaviors to your website.
—6-There is “no hassle”, no hard work. You only publish and add contents.
—7-It allows you import content from self-hosting and other services to your website.
—1-Self- hosted option is via downloading from “”.
—2-Managed by you. All the cost of webhosting and maintenance is by you, so there is no restriction about the publishing content.
—3-You use any theme and download or customize ant there is no restriction about downloading any plug-in or adding any behavior to your website.
—4-You can import any content from self-hosting or any other services to your website.