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Why does Youtube change its design?

I got this e-mail a while back from a friend:

“Hi Jessica, as you know, YouTube’s will make obligatory the new channel design on june 11. This new channel has to have specific measurements to look good on computers, mobile devices and TV. I’m sending you a template that helps a lot with the design, so you can adapt your channel more easily”


Common, why does Youtube change it’s design all the time?  I am fed up.  First I had translation there, then it went bye-bye.  Then I added a featured video.  Then I had to set another video.  Then I had some strange timeline… I lost count.

Perhaps they make more money, but my own Adsense earnings from Youtube dropped after those changes.

Professional Poker Player Wizard

Here is an example of how a person can make money on the web.

I was talking to a guy I know today who is a professional gambler, he makes a crazy amount of money per month from poker online, believe it or not.  I was surprised to find out that he actually has a PhD in engineering.  Also, he organizes a lot of social outings and he travels a lot with his girlfriend, so he`s not stuck to the computer.

He doesn`t have an addiction or anything like that, his life seems pretty balanced. I wish it would be that easy!

twitter and followback


Should you follow back?

I would say that if you are into running ads on twitter, then why not.  More followers, the better.  Only the number counts.

But if you are actually trying to build a relationship with people (ex. reaching out to people who may need financial planning services through smart money tips on twitter), followback is probably not your best option.

In some cases it’s not the number that counts, it’s the quality of who watches you.

But don’t forget to tweet good content, you never know who’s watching!

How to make more money with affiliate ads – some tips

Optimization Tips:

  • Better zone placement means better revenue. Maximize exposure and get more clicks by putting your adBrite zone near the top of your page, or within your site content.
  • Your choice of ad format makes a difference. Our full range of ad products like “Full Page Ads” and “Inline Ads” might bring in more revenue.
  • The look and feel of ads can be adjusted so that they fit your site better.
  • Making more money sometimes requires a little extra effort and time. Be patient, and keep checking in with us for more ways to get the most out of your zone!

(these are some tips from Adbrite, the network that closed down)

Google Adwords Keyword tool is now The new Keyword planner tool

Oh no, where did the Google keyword tool go? I based all of my SEO predictions on it before. But now they have the keyword planner instead and I have no idea how to use that!

Some love it, some hate it.  But most hate it. Some say it’s good for geo targeting, like getting traffic for a local business.  Some say that it gives results way too broad.



Why Ping?

Did you know that pinging your site can help you get indexed faster?

Some people say they see a traffic increase to their site after every time they ping it.  But it shouldn’t be done more frequently than once in 3 days.

I use sites like Pingler for this kind of stuff.  You can even create a paid account there that will automatically do it for you if you don’t want to spend time pinging.

Your pinging queue will look like this:

(2013-09-22 4:19:08) 
(2013-09-22 4:19:08) 
(2013-09-22 4:19:08) 
(2013-09-22 4:19:08) 

flip the funnel

Selling Online – Low Conversions and Customer Reviews

Before you even try to sell online, think of the following.  How are you going to deliver the best service possible and get happy customers?

Many of you have traffic, but no sales.  Turns out that the best way to maximize sales conversions is to have more customer reviews. People believe each other more than the company who’s selling, this is proven.

Getting more customer reviews should be one of the top to-do list items for an online store, an eBay store, or an Amazon store.  Without it you can’t get too far.  eBay won’t even let you list more than 30 items.