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Circus juggler Ruslan Sadoev dies from taking street drugs

Ruslan Sadoev dies circus juggler horse stuntThis young strong man was known for his deadly stunt. He would do a back flip on top of a running horse in the circus.

It wasn’t the circus that killed him, but a street drug called “spice” that he took with other fellows from the circus.

Russia mourns the loss of this talented man and at the same time wonders how many more people will die from this drug.

Spice drug is also known as “synthetic marijuana”, it was developed in United States and it is now produced in China, close to the border with Russia. Russian youth can easily buy it on the street.

Russian skier Maria Komissarova can stand on her feet

Maria Komissarova in uniform Olympic skierIt’s been months since we’ve heard of any update on Maria Komissarova. She is recovering after her injury in a private clinic in Spain, undergoing revolutionary rehabilitation with Dr. Blum.

In a recent interview, Pamela Thorburn, another athlete and a friend of Maria, mentioned about some progress. As she says it – “I’m also good friends with Maria Komissarova from Russia, who was paralysed on the Olympic course in Sochi earlier this year. She’s getting treatment at a clinic in Spain at the moment that costs about €1,000 a day, and she’ll be there for 15 weeks. It seems to be working though – I hear she can now stand at least.”

Considering that other doctors were saying that Maria will never walk again, this is an amazing progress!

Maria Komissarova in Spain with Alexey Chaadaev

Maria Komissarova extended her visa in Spain for further treatment

Maria Komissarova came to Russia in order to extend her visa to Spain. Now she is undergoing rehabilitation course in Spain. Maria told about rehabilitation course.
“To be honest, the process is very slow and difficult. But I felt positive changes. The main thing is that there is at least a minimal positive trend. It takes time and continuous trainings. The doctor said I need about two thousand hours of daily trainings. This is six hours per day during per year. Seven days per week. Today I spent in Spain about 80 days and trained about 400 hours. There is the special equipment in Spain. Training method is directed to the development of the internal muscles and sheets. At the same time you have to work hard. If to compare the loads with the loads during my sports career, physically it is much harder now. On top of that I need to be under control of the doctor constantly. He believes in me! It is hard psychologically, but I have no other choice. This is the only option”.
The cost of one-year course of rehabilitation in the clinic of Dr. Blum is 27 million rubles. At the present moment there is an active fundraising on a specially created website “” in order to help Maria. They have already raised nearly 9 million rubles.
“Yes, it was possible to stay in Moscow and to have rehabilitation course free of charge. But if they say that there is no chance for recovery, what’s the point to stay there? And I want to walk again!”.
Maria also visited the Russian Federation of freestyle skiing. Here she signed the documents which will allow her to receive material financial assistance from the Supporting Fund of Russian Olympians.
Every month Maria will receive on her credit card one hundred of rubles during ten years.
“To allocate money to Maria we decided immediately after it became clear about the severity of the injury and long-term process of recovery”, explained the Executive Director of the Supporting Fund Alexander Katushev.

According to the information from the Russian Federation of freestyle Maria feels like herself, as far as it is possible after getting such injury. However, it is early to talk about appreciable progress. Maria needs years of rehabilitation in order to have a chance to get out of the wheelchair. They hope in the Fund that the financial assistance will help Maria to return to active life. It is not necessary to worry that the money can’t be enough.

The supervisory board consists of such serious people like Roman Abramovich, Vitaly Mutko, Vladislav Tretiak and many Russian oligarchs. The Charity Fund is headed by Dmitry Medvedev. So, Maria Komissarova will receive money for sure.

If you want to help, go to 

Russian skier, Sochi Olympics, spinal injury

Maria Komissarova happy with results at Dr. Blum’s Clinic in Spain

Since Sochi Olympics many of us follow the progress of the Russian athlete, Maria Komissarova, who was seriously injured during her ski-cross training resulting in a spinal fracture.  Doctors confirmed that her chances to walk are next to zero after two operations and rehabilitation in the clinic in Hamburg, Germany.

Not willing to give up her hopes, Maria looked for other options and found a doctor (Dr. Blum) who gave her a 90% chance to walk again and immediately went to his clinic in Spain. Maria’s fiancé Alexey Chaadayev is by her side, helping her with rehabilitation exercises and providing emotional support. Here is a translated segment from their latest video talking about improvements from the treatment.


 translated by Yuri, Ukraine 


exercise techniques for spinal injury Alexey: “We are in Marbella now, Maria is training. As you can see, I also take part, every day we lift higher, every day we go through a new distance, every day we get new sensations. The technique with a help of which Maria is recovering, I’ve never seen anything like this, the most important thing that I see, I see the result, I see the positive trend, I see like Maria comes to revival, how her mood changes, how she finds the strength to live again, to love, to fight. Sport life initially means the struggle to learn something new, to get the win over you, to come to the target. We are here for 25 days, of course, many things have changed for this time, in the beginning we only tried, but now we make a full phase of work, plus at each stage the intensity and the trainings are changing.”


Maria: “I feel like my muscles are starting to work, some kind of muscles’ pain, especially in the back, that is the muscles in the body. I should not feel these muscles according to the diagnosis of other doctors.”
Russian skier, Sochi Olympics, spinal injury Alexey: “We can say, that here is the marking of paralysis, below the injury, there was not any movement, no activity, it is like a label, I have noticed it in Germany, exactly on the line. Now we can see that the muscles begin to work below the injury. For us, this is the best picture, which can be seen at this moment. We understand that the path is very long, very heavy, but we are ready to come to the end. Everyone who is not indifferent to the Maria’s destiny, who are interested, and if someone wants to help, please write, support, because it is very important.”


Maria: “The 25th day of trainings, 145th hour, I aspire to the target, go through the hard work, I am not going to give up in spite of  negative feedbacks, words of another people, I will work to the end in order to come to the target. I find it very hard, and I’m not giving up.”




If you want to help Maria Komissarova by submitting a donation, please do so at . Rehabilitation costs are incredibly high and her family can’t do it alone. They no longer receive funding from the government.

Maria Komissarova clinic in Spain dr Blum

Maria Komissarova Tells about Her Improvement in Spain

Maria Komissarova Russian skier update from Spain clinic therapyAs you may know, Maria chose to continue her treatment in a clinic in Spain (city of Marbella, province of Malaga) with Dr. Eugene Blum who has revolutionary technologies that according to him give Maria Komissarova a 90% chance to walk again after her sports injury in Sochi. Currently Maria is in a wheelchair, but she is determined to walk again. On her website she posted a video addressing the public and explaining the need for financial assistance.


Maria Komissarova addresses the public:

translated from Russian by Yuri 


I am in Spain now, in the clinic after two months after the surgery, after rehabilitation in Germany, in the clinic of Dr. Blum.

How did I come here? Honestly, by chance, a friend advised me to go to see. He is in a wheelchair for five years, and after numerous searches of various doctors, procedures, he came here and advised me not to waste time for a search and to try the rehabilitation here. Here is completely different technique, I train about 6 hours per day, every day without days off and in 6 days I see a positive dynamics, my muscles below the injury, begin to work, some new sensations appear.

Why I decided to train here? Because in Germany, in the clinic, where I passed the rehabilitation, they just taught me to live in a wheelchair , to get used to  life, all in a wheelchair …  They have a diagnosis, and it is like a verdict, I do not want to make it up with any verdict,  I will stand on my feet for sure, I believe in it , and the doctor who helps me here, gives me 90% of guarantees, I believe him.

I have heard it from other people who train here and I like being here.  I feel comfortable here, I feel that I aspire to the goal through work, through sweat, 6 hours of trainings – it’s not what they proposed me in Germany and in Moscow.

Maria Komissarova treatment Marbella Spain dr BlumThat is a completely different technique, not even much in the way of treatment but of trainings. Here you need trainings, here you need to sweat, to try, and I know that I will succeed for sure,  I want other people to believe in me and not to offer me to cope with a wheelchair but to start a new life, as they say…

So, I ask for a financial help, because the treatment costs money, a lot of money, but I’m ready to do everything in order to get up, start walking and come back to a normal life , so help me please to gather that sum of money to walk again and, if I have the chance, why not use it . The doctor says that within a year he would help me to stand on my feet. A year is not such a long time, and I’m sure that I will succeed , and I try, and I aspire to it,  and to help me, I hope that more people will help me, but also the environment helps me here, my family, friends believe in me.




Maria’s website –

Please help Maria Komissarova with your donations to get her back on her feet!


Maria Komissarova feels improvement in Spain after treatment Maria Komissarova rehabilitation Spain dr Blum  Maria Komissarova training Spain doctor Eugene Blum  Maria Komissarova will walk again in Spain dr Blum

maria komissarova is now in marbella malaga spain for treatment

Maria Komissarova in Marbella, Spain with 90% chance to walk

Just a few days ago they landed in Moscow, but now both Maria and her boyfriend are off to Spain for further treatment. Such move was suggested by both German and Russian specialists.

“Following Maria’s return from Germany, we offered the chance to undertake a rehabilitation course at a specialist center not far from Moscow and also at a rehabilitation center in Moscow,” the head doctor of the Russian Freestyle Federation, Mirzali Samedov.

Now Maria Komissarova, a Russian ski cross athlete who suffered a spinal injury in Sochi Olympics, is in the beautiful province of Malaga. However, she has hard work ahead of her, 5 – 6 hours of rehabilitation without any days off.

Financial donations are in much need since such treatment is quite costly and her family will have to pay it with no government help. It’s approximated to be 27 million rubles, or just a little under 1 million dollars.

However, one doctor there told Maria that there is a 90% chance for her to walk again! But that’s only one doctor, others give no chance.  Maria Komissarova shared these news on her instagram page. On other social media there are so many people encouraging her not to give up.

maria komissarova is now in marbella malaga spain for treatment


Russian maria komissarova returns to Russia come back Moscow

Maria Komissarova is back in Russia

The freestyle skier who got injured during Sochi Olympics and is still paralyzed below the waist has returned to Russia from her rehabilitation in Germany.  Now Maria Komissarova is back in her homeland.

There was nothing anymore that Germans could do for her that Russians couldn’t. On top of that Maria preferred to have psychologists who speak her language and come from the same descent.

Maria is originally from Saint Petersburg, but she is currently in Moscow in a hospital #85. Ahead of her is a series of medical tests to determine her disability level and to develop a further plan for rehabilitation. Before she would do exercises in the pool and in the gym, followed by massage.

Currently she is adjusting to her new life in a wheelchair. There is a lot to learn for Komissarova, like how to move on the stairs and how to pack up her wheelchair if she wants to get into a car. Even her kitchen is now adapted to her needs so she can cook meals for herself and her boyfriend, Alexey Chaadaev. Close friends and her boyfriend are very supportive and spend a lot of time near Maria.

Russian maria komissarova returns to Russia

Russian maria komissarova returns to Russia come back Moscow


update Maria Komissarova condition after injury mental breakdown

Maria Komissarova leaving Germany, back to Russia

Most likely in two weeks Maria Komissarova will be back in Russia. She is finishing her medical procedures in Germany and there is no longer anything there that Russia can’t offer. These news are coming from Vladimir Uyba, one of the chief people in charge of her treatment.

Russian specialists will continue to look for new methods to help Maria.

Maria asked to change German psychologists for Russians. Somehow it’s better for her, it’s not easy to adapt to the new environment.

maria komissarova and russian athletes wheelchair

Russian athletes congratulate Maria Komissarova with Women’s Day

maria_komissarova_paralysed8th of March, International Women’s Day, is a loudly celebrated holiday in Russia and Maria Komissarova wasn’t left alone to celebrate. Russian ski cross team came to wish her all the best.  Her boyfriend, Alexey Chaadaev is always by her side.  She is still in the hospital in Munich, Germany.

Lately doctors announced that Maria’s injury is too  great and she will  not be able to walk again. Her spinal chord is not regenerating.  Doctors say that she may be able to move on her own, but with special aids and she should spend at least 10 more weeks in this rehabilitation centre adapting to her new condition.  We can only hope for a miracle.

“Believe and Pray, and all will be OK!” – Maria said on her social media page.

maria komissarova and russian athletes wheelchair