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Business Coaches doing Videos in their Cars – Disrespectful?

I am tired of seeing all of these “coaches” doing videos while they drive. I personally have a great respect for my audience and whenever I am about to film something, I put an effort to gather myself.

I don’t do it as if “by the way” or “while I’m here anyway” and so on. Somehow to me this whole car thing is just disrespectful.

I also think that when you drive, focus on driving, not on narrating your newest Youtube video. It’s distracting.  I am surprised how this vlogging while driving thing is not illegal.

What are your thoughts? There is even a hashtag for this out there – #VloggingWhileDriving

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Why is Advertising on Social Media Effective?

social media likeHave you ever thought why so many large companies who have plenty of money for TV commercials and billboards choose to have a presence on social media?

People who say that internet marketing is not worth it don’t realize how many people you can actually reach through social media & sites.

Statistically, only 14% of people trust ads they see.  But 78% of people trust other consumer recommendations.  This is why social media is so effective – it is filled with real people’s opinion and feedback on products.

I must admit I had my own doubts too at first for my other business that I am running about having a presence on social media.  However I was surprised that from time to time people would actually contact me through it and ask about buying.

If you run a blog or send out a marketing campaign, don’t forget to use the social media buttons so your readers can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on  “Forward” and “Share” buttons are your best friends!

when to post - good timing for sales

Timing your posts right – Facebook, Twitter, E-mail – when is it best to send out?


Depending on whether you are marketing to a younger crowd or to an older crowd, or whether your audience is purely business or general public, you may want to time your posts accordingly to reach maximum effect.

For example, for a young social entertainment-oriented crowd it’s best to post at lunch time because that’s when they go to check their Facebook in order to take a break from work.  Same applies to twitter, mailchimp newsletters, and so on.  Weekends are good for entertainment too.

However, if it is a business kind of post, lunch and towards the end of the workday would be the worst times since business people have their mind set on other things than work.  Tuesday and Wednesday are best days for business e-mails.


Why is it important to get the timing right?  Because your 44% o the opens are going to be in the first 4 hours.  24% of the opens happen in the first hour.

Your post / e-mail should urge the user to act upon or open it right now.  Don’t miss that first hour!


I made a mistake myself before when I thought that it would be a great idea to tell my followers that my newsletter is coming out at midnight by Pacific time.  Now I understand how foolish it was to send it out when my continent was sleeping.

So give it some thought.  If your client sees it right away, they are more likely to open it compare to the next day when there is already a dozen of e-mails in their mailbox.

when to post - good timing for sales

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Does Twitter influence your Purchasing Decision?

shopping bag photoI just got this in my mailbox from Twitter.

64% of surveyed users have purchased a product because of Twitter

I can tell you that this might be true because from time to time I do get people writing to me because they saw me on twitter, checked out my profile, and decided that there is something they have an interest in that I work with, etc.

I also heard from a local yoga designer that his social media interaction helped to improve online sales and also wholesale sales.  People trust their peers.

I can also say that most twitter users don’t use it efficiently.  Let’s say, sometimes you see a timeline full of hashtags and meaningless text, but no real content.  Who’d want to sign up for that?

Keep it informative and interactive, you shall get a response.

*Survey respondents are individuals who reported using Twitter a few times per week or more and shopping for themselves or others during the holiday season. DB5 | Twitter “Holiday Shopping Study” 2013
twitter hashtag what is it

What is a hashtag?

twitter hashtag what is itDefinition online: a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic.

It is recommended to keep it unique!  It could be a great marketing tool.



In this case #StopDistractedDriving is a hashtag on twitter.  People who are on that topic use it to find each other and to see what others are saying about it.

You can even have a widget that shows all the tweets with a certain hashtag.