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Brands of Jeans that sell well on eBay

Are you thinking of what brands to browse for when thrifting? What brands are good to flip on eBay?

Here are some suggestions.


  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Hudson Jeans
  • True Religions
  • 7 for Mankind
  • Diesel Industry
  • Frankie B.
  • Nudie
  • Lucky Brand
  • Tommy Bahama
  • Levi’s


Beware of fakes and keep in mind that men’s jeans sell better than women’s jeans.

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Easy 10 Efficiency Tips for eBay Power Sellers in USA

These are some tips for eBay sellers from United States.

1)    Ink is expensive. Better to have Kodak printer with ink with low prices. Printing labels takes a lot of ink. But you must know that ink is not cheap at all. What you need to do is if you have an empty cartridge, don’t throw it away, return them for a rebate to a store like Staples.  Some of those rebate programs give back $2-3 per cartridge.


2)    USPS labels save time.  They have clear protective sticky sheets that can be used to hold your label. You can order it in If you order it in it takes 1-3 weeks to come in. You can just put a label inside that sheet rather than bothering to tape it down.


3)    Postal scale. A good quality shipping scale is very important. Scale must be not small but a rather large so you can put even a large box on it.


4)    Cellphone. Everybody has it but I recommend a smartphone with a good data plan. You can easily look through the web-sites and you can make money right at the door. You can look through some videos, your eBay box, shipping and so on. Smartphone is really helpful and it makes us hundreds of dollars.


5)    Storage space for the things that you sell. You must have it all organized and ready to go because if you sell something you must pull it out quickly, package it and get it ready. The big thing is to have a shelf organized and the goods ready to go.



6)    Shipping boxes are free from USPS. Shipping supplies like boxes and envelopes are available at no charge. If you can’t ship goods by first class, the flat rate envelope is the best option.


7)    Print shipping labels through Paypal. When you become a powerful eBay seller, you’ll get the discount up to 32% on shipping and discounts on prices that you pay when you sell the items. It’s a favorite shipping method.


8)    Regional rate box A. And another shipping method that people do not know about is regional rate box A. It’s a middle shipping box but depending where you are shipping it, this can be much cheaper, $4-5. Again it takes 1-3 weeks to get it from USPS.


9)    Keep envelopes on hand. To have a stock of shipping envelops is very important. We ship a lot of medium items and we buy some bubble mailers.


10)  Get a Cutter. Cutter is also very important for cutting down the labels, packages and so on.



eBay Pulse replaced by Find Popular Items

Being a new seller on eBay, I find it quite tough to make sense out of that site in general. So with all the educational videos that I watched on Youtube, I am surprised to see that the tool that is most praised for discovering trends, eBay Pulse, no longer exists.

Now it’s been replaced by Find Popular Items section –

Perhaps I am tuning in late, but some people say that it’s gone since 2009.


eBay sellers, what if someone asks to ship the item to a different address?

If you are selling online, keep your eyes open for potential red flags. It may happen that you go the extra mile to satisfy your customer and ship an item to a third party address, but later you’ll find out that you are no longer protected by eBay or Paypal for doing so.

Let’s say you get approached by a woman in USA asking if you could ship the item to her sister in China. Would you do that? It’s potentially a bad sign, but what if you really want that sale?

One tip on how to get around that is to ask the buyer to add their sister’s address as a verified address on their paypal. This way you are granted the seller’s protection if you ship to that address! Also, resolution centre would help to o if there is a problem.