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Is pantyhose still mandatory for an office dress code?

pantyhose with eiffel tower on the catwalkTights or no tights: that is the question

Everyone knows that we have to follow a certain dress code in an office. It’s quite easy when we are talking about the pants suit. But it is a tricky question for ladies in case of the skirt suit. The fact is that ladies are usually required to wear tights in the office. But why?

On the one hand, it seems to be an appropriate thing to do. Otherwise, is it really decent to show off your naked legs? Can it bother your co-workers if you are wearing a skirt, but no tights at your workplace? Indeed, some might consider it being a little bit too much.

On the other hand, it might be annoying for some ladies to have to wear tights all day long. Not mentioning, tights tend to get torn, and then what to do? Carry an extra pair of tights all the time?

As for me, when I used to work in a corporate environment, I strictly followed the dress code. Maybe, it’s not always super convenient, but there is a definite reason why a company introduces a specific dress code.

On top of that, it just seems to be the right thing to wear tights if you are going to meet with clients wearing skirt suit and tights.

Speaking about inconveniences, I used to have a pair of new tights kept in my office locker, just in case!

So, what do you think of this? Do you have a strict dress code? Do you agree ladies are obliged to wear tights in offices?

Lured into Subscription by buying a Sample – Beware

I just got this in my mailbox from Desjardins Visa, read it and be careful!


“We are writing to let you know about an issue involving the purchase of online product samples that has caused unwanted surprises for some of our clients.

When requesting a product sample, clients sometimes forget to review the terms and conditions of their purchase and do not realize they’re actually also agreeing to a subscription. As a result of the subscription, additional products are delivered and billed to the client. If you recently requested a sample online, you can check the sales conditions on the merchant’s website to see whether you have actually taken out a subscription. You can then contact the merchant if necessary.”

I’ve heard of Costco doing this kind of sneaky stuff, they sell a certain luxury cream very cheap, but then that cosmetic company starts billing you monthly.

I’ve looked into it online and turns out it was some survey on Costco’s site that offered you free samples given that you pay the shipping, but then billing you the full cost if you wouldn’t return those back.

Of course Costco will deny any relation to this, they say that those are scammers who pretend to be them and there is even a fraud note on Costco’s site.

Remember, there is no free lunch and always read the small print.

Business Coaches doing Videos in their Cars – Disrespectful?

I am tired of seeing all of these “coaches” doing videos while they drive. I personally have a great respect for my audience and whenever I am about to film something, I put an effort to gather myself.

I don’t do it as if “by the way” or “while I’m here anyway” and so on. Somehow to me this whole car thing is just disrespectful.

I also think that when you drive, focus on driving, not on narrating your newest Youtube video. It’s distracting.  I am surprised how this vlogging while driving thing is not illegal.

What are your thoughts? There is even a hashtag for this out there – #VloggingWhileDriving

Traffic is a Liquid Commodity to be Easily Monetized for Profit

If you have traffic, you have money. Today I listened to a talk from one of the online business coaches about what he would do if he would all the sudden be without money.

One of the interesting points he brought up was that he would study traffic. When I heard that, it perked me up and for a second there I was wondering what he means.

Traffic is a liquid commodity that is easily monetized to generate profit. Understanding traffic and knowing how to get it doesn’t come easy, it requires a lot of perseverance and some mathematical abilities to learn all the ratios and indicators out there.

There are teens out there, 16 – 17, driving traffic to online game sites and they make excellent money just by doing that. Yes, something like Sony Play Station is no longer just for games.

For those of you not into games, driving traffic to credit cards, insurance, real estate sales, car sales can also bring good profit. Think about it, it could be a good investment for passive income. It’s a lot of work, but it is worth it!

Can eBates help you to save money on your eBay purchases?

Just recently I saw an eBates commercial and went to check out their website. They can offer you from 1 – 5% cashback on your eBay purchases, Amazon purchases, and so on. With all the holiday shopping, I guess that can really add up.

I am wondering if anybody used it and what their feedback would be about this platform. I personally wouldn’t sign up because I think I may be thus biased in how I make my online purchases.

Here’s how they describe themselves – “… is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping.  … pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Sign-up and start earning towards a giftcard.”

There seems to be a Canadian version too in case you live in Canada just like me. My first impression was that the site is new, but now I see there are reviews online from people who used it for over 5 years.

There is an option to shop at  a store IN PERSON and get cash back as well. Now there are 22 stores that are affiliated with Ebates and offer cashback  IN PERSON if you link your credit card to eBates. I saw some cool Wolford tights for example at one of the American stores through the eBates search. As far as I know, there is none of this in Canada yet.


Japanese Konmari Method to Live Free of Clutter

We moved to this house with one U-Haul truck and now I feel that we’ll need 5 of those trucks to move out. I can’t understand even where all the stuff came from! Time to purge.

Recently I came across Konmari method from Marie Kondo in Japan. She liked to clean her house since childhood and she made millions doing just that and teaching others! Can you imagine making a successful living from something so simple?

Marie Kondo’s idea is simple – if this item doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.  I used this method and it is so much simpler to think that way rather than “will I use it someday?”

This experience also made me pay more attention to the quality of the clothing I’v got in my wardrobe and the fit. I noticed, for example, that one of the shirts had crooked seams. Another shirt was ripped along the seams and I don’t even know why I had it.

One thing Marie says is not to do clean up little by little, but let’s say group all the shirts and make a decision looking at your entire collection rather than part.

Here are six basic rules of cleaning up:

#1. Commit to it, it will take quite a lot of time.

#2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle. Writing it down or finding photo examples help.

#3. Finish discarding unwanted items before getting storage bins for what’s left to keep.

#4. Sort by category, not per room. It’s best to gather all of the same items at once to see what you need and what you don’t from that selection.

#5. Follow the right order.  There is a sequence from Marie, she recommends to start with clothing, then documents, and only later with sentimental things like photos.

#6. Does it spark joy? If not, don’t keep it.

Do you need a good reason to get started? Decluttering will reduce your stress levels. A study at UCLA found that your cortisol spikes when you see clutter. Multi-tasking overloads our brain, clutter overloads the senses.


Psychology of your home: what does your room say about you?

Lately I haven’t been feeling happy about my home. I thought to search a little deeper and see what it may say about what’s going on in my life in general.  Turns out that Sam Gosling, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas actually made this a research topic and published some results.

If you look around your home, you’ll see that everything there says something about you. What’s in order and what isn’t, for example, may say something about your priorities. It is shaped by your choices.

People use their home to display their identity, for example, by setting out books they want to read or photos of their travels and family.

Each room may reflect how we want to feel there. Let’s say, romance in the bedroom and relaxation in the living room, or motivation and creativity at the office desk.

A room may show some traces of one’s behavior and elements of their personality. For example, orderly DVDs, messy cupboard, etc.  Let’s say a desk cluttered with empty coffee cups and energy drinks reveals a life lacking in balance.



What happened to the stock generation game by Mavrodi?

I was listening to the interview with Sergey Mavrodi, a Russian entrepreneur, or criminal, depends on who you ask.

He created one of his money schemes in 1998, it was a virtual stock market game called “Stock Generation”. It was registered offshore, somewhere in the Caribbean, with a proper gaming licence.

There were tens of millions of users, but only 3 users disliked something and complained. That triggered a court case in Boston, which Mavrodi won, but then lost at the appeal stage of the case.  He was accused of fraud.



How to successfully sell a website on

I just noticed that one of the sites I kept an eye on has successfully sold. So I’m wondering, how to sell successfully rather than to let domain names just expire?

Especially if the website already generates revenue, it could be worth it to sell. Some sources of revenue can be:

  • Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • eCommerce
  • Ad Sales
  • Amazon
  • Dropship
  • Subscription

You can include the social media profiles associated with your website in the description of your listing.

If you do have a good following on social media, think about ow much money all the social media following brings in for you. Also, what makes your brand unique? How is the inventory maintained, if you do have an online store?

Anyone who has some business experience will want to see things like a Profit and Loss statement and a balance sheet. If you have inventory they need to know the value of it.

Few serious buyers are going to invest money based solely on what you say you are making. If you just have a lot of followers and little revenue then the operation is worth little or nothing.

If you think there is potential to build it up even though it doesn’t return much now, then you should have a written and realistic business plan to show.

I’ve heard of some people selling their blogs. Blogs are not very valuable based on readers, they’re valuable based on income. But as you see above, there are affiliate programs to monetize it with.

Some people say that need a good attorney and tax adviser, but perhaps these costs could be avoided if using an auction site.

How much will your site be worth?  Ultimately it’s just going to go for what your profit currently is, multiplied by a few years.

How to explain to a teenager why it is important to study?

I’ve got a teenage relative visiting. She doesn’t want to study. If I ask her about it, she says “I don’t need it”. OK, so according to her she doesn’t need foreign languages, doesn’t need to know geography of her own country, doesn’t need to read books assigned by her school curriculum, doesn’t need to know about nutrition and health… Can someone help me to explain to a 15 year old girl why it is important to study? The best thing I can come up with is “no study means no money”, but I don’t know what else to really say here. I always enjoyed studying, so I really can’t relate.