Sometimes I wonder if chivalry is dead. My observations stem from how men treat women on public transit in Vancouver.

Just recently I was carrying a bulky box to an event. My dolly broke as soon as I got off the bus, so I had to carry the box on my own. A young man saw me struggling and right away offered to help. As he was carrying the box for me, he told me that he is from Brazil and just came to Canada 4 month ago. That right away answered my question why he offered his help right away. Vancouver boys keep their distance and rarely offer.

On another instance I had a big suitcase and I was trying to drag it off the stairs while wearing high heel stiletto shoes. Needless to say, I almost lost my balance. At that moment a Canadian man grabbed my suitcase and saved me from falling. But immediately I saw fear in his eyes and he even asked if it’s OK that he helped out, as if permission is required to do a good deed.

Hence my prediction for that sunny Brazilian guy is that for a few years of living in Vancouver he’ll encounter women who have their head full of some feminist nonsense and they will get upset at him for even thinking that they may be in need of some help. He may notice the person with a heavy bag and think to himself that maybe she doesn’t want to be helped.

A Russian man told me that one time he saw a woman with too many children and a baby stroller trying to get off the bus. One of her kids almost fell off the steps when mom was struggling with the baby carriage. That man quickly reacted and picked up the child, landing him safely on the ground. After that, instead of a thank you, he got yelled at for how he is not supposed to touch her kids.

At some point I was also in a habit of jumping up from my seat as soon as I would see an elderly person. It ended the day that one of those seniors physically pushed me back to sit down with such rage, insulted by the gesture to offer her a seat.

Well, I did get chased out of my seat this summer by quite a healthy-looking fellow who turns out just turned 65. He demanded to sit in the first row when the second row had a spare seat. Literally one step away! A gay guy sitting right next to me also in that priority seating row somehow didn’t get picked on and even started hissing at me to move faster. I had to get up, take my heavy suitcase, and move to the empty seat behind.

Karma sometimes gets those nasty people. On a non-crowded train a guy started picking up a confrontation with me because I put my purse on the seat next to me. Shortly after the ticket police came and turned out that he was riding without a proper fare. I was laughing at him as the officer escorted him out.



I’ve been a Youtube partner already for 4 years with varying experience. It’s up and down. For me personally it went downhill after Youtube started accepting just about anybody as a partner.

Do Youtube partners get paid?
Yes, we do get paid from the ads that play on the videos.

How much money do you make as a Youtube partner?
There is no set amount for how much. In Youtube contract, we are not allowed to disclose what we make. However, a woman I knew who used to be a partner told me that her average was 50 cents for every 1000 views.

Are there any alternatives to Adsense?
Yes, if you join a network, like StyleHaul, you will get paid for 1000 views. You’ll no longer have Adsense. But again, this payment information is not disclosed. Once you partner with a network they will ask for 40-30% of your monthly profit.Most networks pay on average $3-$12 per 1000 monetized views.

How often do you need to upload videos?
Things have changed, now you no longer have the pressure to upload all the time. Before they wanted videos uploaded weekly.

Is it worth it to do for the money?
Absolutely not, you got to love what you do. Money is a bonus and there is not too much of it there. Youtube takes a lot of money and a lot of hard work.

Any perks for partners?
Partners can also schedule videos.There are some addition things that used to be only for partners, but it doesn’t look like it anymore.

I was wondering when my next payment is coming, so I went to check Google AdSense and turns out they are discontinuing payments By check. My method of payment was showing as ‘none’ and I need to hook it up to my bank account now.

So Google already in 2007 announced its intention to discontinue paying AdSense publishers (bloggers, Youtube partners) by check. It applies to countries like Canada where electronic funds transfer (EFT) is available.

Google said “EFT payments are free of charge, less error prone, more efficient and the most environmentally-friendly payment method.”


In this video, Patrick Doyle, MBA, former investment advisor, discusses the Canadian Real Estate Bubble and describes 7 reasons it’s set for a crash. Should you think twice before buying real estate? He focuses mainly on Toronto, but that should apply to any city really.

Patrick says that Real Estate is a bad investment at the moment in Canada.  What happened 20 years ago doesn’t have an relation to what is happening today.


Reason #1 – The more you pay for something, the lower your subsequent returns are going to be. This is an economic fact.

Reason #2 – House prices are unsustainably high in relation to the incomes. Real estate growth is constrained by productivity and inflation.

Reason #3 – Over time, real estate can’t outstrip economic growth.

Reason #4 – Canadian debt loads are at unsustainably high levels.

Reason #5 – It’s cheaper to rent in Canada. Keep in mind that the first 14 years of mortgage payment are interest. Building equity by paying down a mortgage assumes that your house doesn’t drop in price.

Reason #6 – You can’t trust economists. Let’s say, CIBC says that owning a house in Canada is quite affordable.  They use a method called Ceteris Parabus which means that it is holding all other things constant. But nothing stays constant.

Reason #7 – The risk-reward isn’t there. Toronto will not become the next New York City.




I had a pleasant walk today in Vancouver on Granville street, looking at the Taiwanese festival. There was lots of exotic food, costumes, crafts, and people in general.

Flower Arrangements


Traditional Costumes

This reminded me of a Taiwanese friend / roommate I used to have. She lived with me during my university years in the same house.

web traffic 5 success inspiration What is it that makes someone want mentorship for their personal life, work life, business life? I would like to share some tips from my personal life when I felt like I was in need of mentorship. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy to find. I turned to many sources, sometimes random, and surprisingly actually did end up finding people who helped me shape my life the way it is today.

Maybe you have an engineering degree and your job satisfaction is not quite there, maybe you wish you’d have a business background and looking for someone with life’s wisdom to share some tips, or is your already successful high tech firm going through some realignment right now? Are you not sure of what you want to do?

A time of change can be an interesting and introspective time for entrepreneurs and not only. Change can also be a scary thing. Our brain biologically is programmed to fear it.

A friend of mine once told me that I am struggling to lay out a plan for your whole life. Yes, he was right, I was (and sometimes am) trying to plan out my whole life.  I don’t know if that’s normal, but when someone asks me where I see myself in 10 years, I had no idea really at that point.

But guess what…. Things change so we have to get use to it…. if you are prepared for and welcome changes then things go easier.

This is not to say that we should not make plans and set goals for ourselves but we should keep our eyes open to what is around us and watch for opportunities and better or more interesting aspects of things as they come along and not be so rigid that we cannot adapt. My mantra is that the universe has greater plans for us than we can imagine ourselves.

If you want to think about what you were meant to do, think about your passions. Do you or have you ever been doing something and lost all track of time? That is a sure indication that you were doing something that you love to do. If you do something you love it’s not really work.

It’s been like this since grade 10 for me that I was confused about what kind of career I wanted to pursue, so I decided to finally accept that I’ve got a problem here and I can’t solve it on my own. Mentors helped me to gain clarity. An engineer that I got to speak to told me that since he can remember, he was building things.  Now he has his 2 engineering companies. So as you see, sometimes it is from our childhood that we learn about what it is that we were meant to do.
So, what is it that I was doing when I was little?  Several things: drawing, obsession with animals, playing with numbers in my head.  Now, when I told my parents that I want to be an artist, a veterinarian, or a math professor, I ended up with some kind of an instruction not to do that because it wouldn’t be a good thing to do.  So, being an obedient child, I’d put a big X on those things right there. I understand now that those were the passions that I really was actually supposed to pursue.
I realize that I’ve done a very rough mistake as well since my school years.  I equated hard work and challenge with value.  As a result, things that came naturally to me and easily (even though majority of people would struggle with it), I didn’t see as valuable.
I know though for sure what I don’t like. It’s any type of frames and limits, for example a 9 – 5 job with a 3 wk vacation. I can work very hard, but I find it hard to give up my freedom. Perhaps from this point I realized that my future was to be an entrepreneur, not a clerk at a desk or a programmer in a cubicle. The most liberating option I see is to start my own business.
Also, I know that I want to give back to society and involve myself in some type of charity work (for example, helping 3rd world countries).  But in order to be efficient in actually breaking up the cycle, I realize that I will need very strong finances. There is another good reason to pursue entrepreneurship for me, as it may lead to more money.

This morning my friend told me that there is someone asking her for product, but she has no clue what the person wants from her. However, he already told her that he wants to pay by Visa or Mastercard. Isn’t he getting a little bit ahead of himself?

I put that text in the search engine, but I guess it was paraphrased well enough that nothing came up. However, after a few keyword searches I realized that there is a scam going around similar to the “wholesale scam” from the Ivory Coast – more details here.

This scam will tell you that they have their own courier that costs a lot of money. This is how they make their cash because you give real money to the courier, but they pay you with a stolen credit card. In one case they actually gave the shipping company called Long Way Shipping Company and changed the address to Ghana.

Here are some sample scam letters:

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