airline Westjet

I got a call from 604 564 4463 and told me that I won a $999 credit because of my recent flight with the airline. Yes, in fact I just returned from a vacation. So I asked what was my destination and they told me they don’t know and then hung up.

Is it random or not? Yes, random! Considering that our information is available in phone books and Canada only has 2 airlines – WestJet and Air Canada, these scammers assume that probability of any Canadian resident booking with WestJet is almost certain. It’s just a numbers game.

“This phone scam and other, similar versions continue to be a source of great frustration for our guests as well as for us,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President

One thing that you may notice right away is that whoever talks to you speaks with an accent and asks you if you are over 30 and have a credit card. If it would be really WestJet, they would probably only care that you are 18+ and would be able to offer you flexible payment methods.

Maria Komissarova in Spain with Alexey Chaadaev

Maria Komissarova came to Russia in order to extend her visa to Spain. Now she is undergoing rehabilitation course in Spain. Maria told about rehabilitation course.
“To be honest, the process is very slow and difficult. But I felt positive changes. The main thing is that there is at least a minimal positive trend. It takes time and continuous trainings. The doctor said I need about two thousand hours of daily trainings. This is six hours per day during per year. Seven days per week. Today I spent in Spain about 80 days and trained about 400 hours. There is the special equipment in Spain. Training method is directed to the development of the internal muscles and sheets. At the same time you have to work hard. If to compare the loads with the loads during my sports career, physically it is much harder now. On top of that I need to be under control of the doctor constantly. He believes in me! It is hard psychologically, but I have no other choice. This is the only option”.
The cost of one-year course of rehabilitation in the clinic of Dr. Blum is 27 million rubles. At the present moment there is an active fundraising on a specially created website “” in order to help Maria. They have already raised nearly 9 million rubles.
“Yes, it was possible to stay in Moscow and to have rehabilitation course free of charge. But if they say that there is no chance for recovery, what’s the point to stay there? And I want to walk again!”.
Maria also visited the Russian Federation of freestyle skiing. Here she signed the documents which will allow her to receive material financial assistance from the Supporting Fund of Russian Olympians.
Every month Maria will receive on her credit card one hundred of rubles during ten years.
“To allocate money to Maria we decided immediately after it became clear about the severity of the injury and long-term process of recovery”, explained the Executive Director of the Supporting Fund Alexander Katushev.

According to the information from the Russian Federation of freestyle Maria feels like herself, as far as it is possible after getting such injury. However, it is early to talk about appreciable progress. Maria needs years of rehabilitation in order to have a chance to get out of the wheelchair. They hope in the Fund that the financial assistance will help Maria to return to active life. It is not necessary to worry that the money can’t be enough.

The supervisory board consists of such serious people like Roman Abramovich, Vitaly Mutko, Vladislav Tretiak and many Russian oligarchs. The Charity Fund is headed by Dmitry Medvedev. So, Maria Komissarova will receive money for sure.

If you want to help, go to 

citizens-of-humanity-ava-straight-leg-in-light-sierra-profile jeans

Are you thinking of what brands to browse for when thrifting? What brands are good to flip on eBay?

Here are some suggestions.


  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Hudson Jeans
  • True Religions
  • 7 for Mankind
  • Diesel Industry
  • Frankie B.
  • Nudie
  • Lucky Brand
  • Tommy Bahama
  • Levi’s


Beware of fakes and keep in mind that men’s jeans sell better than women’s jeans.

freedom, work for yourself,

If you are spending a lot of time working, are you spending it proportionally on important things and not important things? Perhaps sometimes we all feel like as if we spent the whole day doing things, but nothing important got done and no money was made.

What are the best proportions for your time distribution? There is a difference between you being just another employee in your business or an actual entrepreneur.


I’ve been reading in a business book on how to split your time at work.

60% Selling

30% Providing

10% Admin, manage


From that 60% of time that we are supposed to spend selling, the same proportions apply:

60% – taking care of current customers

30% – potential short term clients

10% – potential long term clients

boxers bright green colour-high-emotion-

These years Pride Parades are not only for gays and lesbians, they are for everybody. People gather from all over to celebrate diversity.  Here is a list of some events all over North America that you may enjoy.

Sizzle Miami 
23-28 May, Miami Florida

DC Black Pride 
24-26 May, Washington DC

Disney Gay Days Orlando
28 May – 3 June, Orlando Florida

Capital pride Washington D.C
29 May – 9 June

Wonder World Orlando
30 May – 3 Jun

Boston Pride
31 May – 9 Jun

Honolulu gay pride Hawaii
1 Jun

Razzle Dazzle Dallas
5 – 8 Jun

Key West PrideFest
5 – 9 Jun

Los Angeles Pride
7 – 9 Jun

Motor City Pride Detroit
8 – 9 Jun

Philly Gay Pride Philadelphia
9 Jun

Rhode Island Pride
15 Jun

Gay Pride Fest Denver
15 – 16 Jun

Portland Pride
15 – 16 Jun

Gay Pride New Orleans
20 – 24 Jun

Gay Pride Houston
21 – 30 Jun

Folsom Street East New York
23 Jun

Chicago Pride
28 – 30 Jun

Harlem Pride New York
28 – 30 Jun

NYC Gay Pride New York
28 – 30 Jun

Cleveland Pride
29 Jun

San Francisco Pride
29 – 30 Jun

Seattle Pride
29 – 30 Jun

Twin Cities Pride Minneapolis
29 – 30 Jun

Dance at the Pier New York
30 Jun

Independence Weekend Provincetown
1 – 6 Jul

Summer Camp Provincetown
3 – 6 Jul

San Diego Pride
12 – 14 Jul

Bear Week Provincetown
13 – 21 Jul

Sand Blast Weekend New York
19 – 21 Jul

Gay Alaska cruise Seattle
21 – 28 Jul

Up Your Alley San Francisco
28 Jul

Northalsted Market Days Chicago
10 – 11 Aug

Tropical Heat Key West, Florida
15 – 18 Aug

Ascension Fire Island New York
16 – 18 Aug

Carnival Provincetown, MA
18 – 24 Aug

Burning man Black Rock Desert, Nevada
26 Aug – 2 Sep

Southern Decadence New Orleans
28 Aug – 2 Sep

Splash Days Austin, Texas
30 Aug – 2 Sep

Gay Days Las Vegas
3 – 9 Sep

Las Vegas Pride
6 – 7 Sep

Austin Gay Pride
7 Sep

Dallas Gay Pride
15 Sep

Bear Bash Orlando
26 – 29 Sep

Folsom Street Fair San Francisco
29 Sep

Gay Days Anaheim Los Angeles
4 – 6 Oct

Greater Palm Springs Pride
2 – 3 Nov

Atlantis Caribbean all gay cruise Fort Lauderdale, Florida
2 – 9 Feb 2014

boxers bright green colour-high-emotion-

Toronto Pride

June 23 – 30

Winnipeg Gay Pride

June 2

Edmonton Gay Pride

June 6 – 15

Lethbridge Gay Pride

June 7-22


Saskatoon Gay Pride

June 8 – 15

Gay Pride Toronto

June 21-30

Yukon Pride 

June 22

Trans Pride March Toronto 

June 28


Streetfair Toronto

June 28 – 30

Dyke March Toronto

June 29

Pride Parade Toronto

June 30

Family Pride Toronto

June 29 – 30

Surrey Pride Festival

July 7

Victoria Gay Pride

July 7

Kamloops Pride Parade

July 13

PEI’s Pride Parade

July 13

Halifax Gay Pride 

July 18-28

Ottawa Gay Guide

August 16 – 25

Vancouver Gay Pride

August 4

Gay Pride Montreal

August 12 – 18

Okanagan Pride Kelowna

August 11-17

Quebec City Gay Pride

August 29 -September 1

Calgary Pride

September 1

Where did the name “Long Johns” come from?

Long knitted undergarments known as “long johns” were originally worn by a bare-knuckled boxer named John L. Sullivan in the late 1800s. He wore long woolen drawers while boxing in cold weather.

It is cool to learn that such a word that we use a lot actually came from just one person.

I used to be a customer with Global Payment Solutions and they gave away my information to a telemarketer who called me on behalf of EVO Canada, another merchant provider. My account with Global Payments (also known as Federated Payments) has been officially closed since 2012.

I had no idea that listening to the offer meant that this is a binding contract, they used the negative option acceptance tactic that is illegal in Canada. During the call I asked why I am contacted and it was explained that it is because I am a former customer with Global Payment solutions.

I only found out later when I saw the charges in my account since I’ve never even been sent a statement or a receipt. I tried to talk to EVO about this and they are completely unhelpful. Even worse, without my permission they put up my personal information on search engine.

There is absolutely nothing in writing from my behalf accepting the offer or authorizing the charge.

At the moment I am looking into this. is not helpful at all, they just direct me to EVO. Luckily my bank reversed the charges.  Global Payments refuse that they have anything to do with it. They all refuse to give their last names or e-mail, including the manager.

Please leave a comment if you are in the same boat.

coca cola in las vegas

Did you know that Las Vegas has a giant Coca Cola store with a selection of different colas from all over the world? I didn’t even know that these exist! I got a tray to share with my guy. It looked like small samples, but we couldn’t finish it and totally maxed out on Cola that day!

Coca Cola

Inca Cola from Peru

Sunfill Blackcurrant from Mauritius

Stoney Tangawizi from Tanzania

Fanta Magic from Estonia

Vegitabeta from Japan

Sparletta Sparberry from Zimbabwe

Smart Watermelon from China

Kinley Lemon from England

Lift Manzana from Mexico

Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica

Bibo Pine Nut from South Africa

Ciel Aquarius from Mexico

Sunfill Mint from Djibouti

Smart Apple from China

Beverly from Italy

Mezzo Mix from Germany

offerswizard how to remove malware adware

Do you see ads all the sudden on your computer that are not supposed to be there? Let’s say, on my eBay page all the sudden today I got a bunch of annoying ads. If you have a closer look, you’ll see that it is by OffersWizard. As I tried to click on the options to remove the ads, it took me further and further into this spam.


OffersWizard is an example of a potentially unwanted program that shows up and annoys the hell out of the user, trying constantly to show sales ads at any possible opportunity. It even makes me wonder who would possibly advertise through such means.


Turns out I got mine through converting Excel files into pdf files for free. This malicious program went to work the same day!


How to remove it? First you should click on the Control Panel and select the programs option. See which programs were recently installed and most likely one of those is in fact the adware.

remove adware network system driver


You may also want to check chrome://extensions/ and see if there is anything unauthorized there.