Fear of Making Money

It sounds almost impossible, but it’s true – some people are afraid of making money. They hide behind numerous excuses and find crafty explanations for their empty bank accounts. To them there is a certain kind of comfort in not having much.

There are many foolish associations that we grow up with, like let’s say that money makes us greedy, or evil. Money is a form of power and sometimes people abuse that power.

There is even a name for this fear – chrometophobia. This fear is based on emotion and not on any fact. Such fear can bring stress and anxiety.

So naturally we ask, if someone has a fear of money, how do you get rid of it? Let’s get down to the very root of the problem. Where did this fear come from? Usually it stems from our childhood, something that we heard our parents say. Closer examination of that may actually lead to the solution.

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Donation website is down for Maria Komissarova

*Update! The site is back up. Maybe it was a one day glitch.*

I just discovered that official website for the Russian freestyle skier, Maria Komissarova – http://maria-komissarova.com/ , who got injured in Sochi Olympics is not functioning. It says on it that either there has been a violation of hosting policies, the owner closed it herself, or there is a case of non-payment.

It is hard to say what could be an issue, but that site was used to solicit donations for Maria’s recovery. Actually Komissarova is still in need of donations and drastically falling Russian ruble only made that situation worse since her bills are in Euro.

A month ago Maria’s father gave an interview to a a Russian online newspaper. Below are some updates, translated from the article. He says that donations come in waves, each time after some campaign like “МашаХоди on twitter” or a TV show feature. But 3 weeks after as if people forget and it’s quiet again.

Maria is currently undergoing treatment in a private clinic in Marbella, Spain with Dr. Blum. At first she was told that she would walk within a year, but this is not the case. There is some progress – her leg muscles are in good shape and with assistance she can stand straight on her legs and sit without assistance.

Dr. Blum clinic has many positive reviews, but many negatives too. Maria’s father states that it’s something to be expected and he is not discouraged. When they arrived to the clinic, there was a boy there unable to walk, but in 5 months he was cautiously walking on his own legs while holding his mom’s hand. This child serves as an inspiration to Komissarova’s family.

Maria Komissarova is still optimistic about her treatment. Every small achievement is a victory. She is no longer as depressed as she once was after her trauma and she does all the exercises with joy.

Dr. Blum also has a clinic in Moscow. However, before the drop of the Russian ruble, it would cost the same money to have treatment in Moscow and in Spain even when it comes to renting an apartment. Naturally Spain was a more attractive option because of the climate.

Tax Tips for Canadian Entrepreneurs – How to get maximum refund from Revenue Canada

So, do you ever wonder how to keep more money in your pocket? Keep all receipts and save lots of money by knowing what can be written off for entrepreneurs.

Make sure you take a photo of your working area in case you are ever in dispute.

Keep a log book of your trips by car and write down the day, purpose, and destination.

Here are some examples of what home-based businesses can write off:

– cleaning

– gas

– hydro

– repairs

– coffee makers

– furniture

– strata fee for a town house

– cutting grass

– entertainment

– car insurance, parking, and car wash

– web hosting

– internet services

– bank interest

– bank fees

– membership dues

– conference expenses

– car rentals

– office supplies

– business cards

– advertising


Don’t miss out on getting your maximum return. Statistics show that most business people don’t take enough notes and don’t keep enough records.

When you throw out your receipts, you throw away your money.

Choosing Movers in Calgary – Review

I moved from SW Calgary to SE Calgary and before I hired movers, I compared top 7 companies that appeared on Google.


best rates, cheap movers

Riteway Movers truck full of our stuff. As you see, we didn’t have much to move.

Before you call anyone, ask these questions to avoid hidden fees:

– What do you charge for your travel time?

– Are there any extra fees when I pay by credit card of debit?

– Do you charge extra money for sports equipment?

– Any extra fees for padding?

– If something needs to be carried on the stairs, do you charge extra per each flight of stairs?



I was asking for a quote for 2 hours of work. But since most of them charge you 1 hour for their transportation, we are looking at a 3 hr booking. We were hiring them on a very short notice.

Big Joe Movers in Calgary

1-844-211-4440 http://www.bigjoesmovers.com/ 3 hrs  $ 357.00

This company charges $119 per hour and 1 hour for their travel time to your location and from it. So if you want 2 hours of work, you are looking at 3 hours booking.


Jays Calgary Movers

(403) 775-6066 http://www.jays-calgary-movers.ca/ 3 hrs  $ 525.00

Jays movers charge $175 per hour and 1 hour of travel time.


Riteway Moving in Calgary – our final choice! 

(403) 714-7483 http://www.ritewaymoving.com/ 3 hrs  $ 297.00
great moving rates in Calgary - compare and review

Riteway Movers Truck


These are the movers that we ended up hiring. They charge $99 per hour and 1 hour of travel time.

It’s best to pay cash (of course you get a receipt) to avoid extra credit card fees. The person’s name who booked our move was Tarun.

Two guys came to do the job with a giant truck that had all the padding and strapping equipment there. They were polite and professional, also quite fast. In our new house they put their covering on the floor to avoid getting it dirty or scratched.


Two Small Men Calgary

1-800-231-9695 http://www.twosmallmencalgary.com/ 3 hrs  $ 480.00

This company charges $160/hr and 1 hour of travel time.


High Land Moving

403 720 3222 http://www.highlandmoving.com/  $122/hr + drive

This company charges $122 per hour and whatever time it takes them to get to your destination and from it. They are based in South East Calgary. So in terms of travel time, you are not sure what you are looking at.


OO Movers in Calgary

403-539-9308 https://www.oomovers.com 3 hrs  $ 357.00

These guys charge $119 per hour and 1 hour of travel time. I found it harder to get rates from them because they would forward me to sales people who didn’t pick up their phones.  I had to call several times.


M Movers in Calgary

(403) 775-2244 http://mmovers.ca/ 3 hrs  $ 237.00

These movers were our primary choice, but they were not available on such a short notice unfortunately. I spoke to Simon and he was very nice.

They charge $79 per hour and  1 hour of travel time. It’s best to pay them cash to avoid credit card fees.


Circus juggler Ruslan Sadoev dies from taking street drugs

Ruslan Sadoev dies circus juggler horse stuntThis young strong man was known for his deadly stunt. He would do a back flip on top of a running horse in the circus.

It wasn’t the circus that killed him, but a street drug called “spice” that he took with other fellows from the circus.

Russia mourns the loss of this talented man and at the same time wonders how many more people will die from this drug.

Spice drug is also known as “synthetic marijuana”, it was developed in United States and it is now produced in China, close to the border with Russia. Russian youth can easily buy it on the street.

Russian sculptor Vladimir Volkov creates art statues by from scrap metal parts

I love everything that involves recycling. But how do you find a new life for broken metal parts? A Russian sculptor shows how to turn garbage into a masterpiece.

Old scrap nuts, discarded bolts, springs, broken shovels, garden rakes and other metal garbage such art could be put together to decorate a park just if you have enough imagination.

All scrap metal in this video was gathered by a sculptor Vladimir Volkov from Russia and welded together into sculptures. He is completely self-taught and has a background in welding.

You can find these sculptures at Stepanov Park in Ivanovo city. They decorate what used to be a “kids railway”. Many residents go there to take photos.

Deloitte email is hacked again! Sending out Prize Spam.

Just got an e-mail on Jan 12 2015 from a man in Deloitte (with official company address) telling me that I won a prize.

You have been awarded a personal donation through your E-mail ID . To claim prize get back for more info.

This message (including any attachments) contains confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose, and is protected by law. If you are not the intended recipient, you should delete this message and any disclosure, copying, or distribution of this message, or the taking of any action based on it, by you is strictly prohibited.


Yes, I applied there a long time ago, but I`ve never been in correspondence with anyone under that name.

Hardy, Jim (US – Seattle) <jihardy@deloitte.com>

Looks like their database got hacked into again.

There are reports of hacking Deloitte in December, but I guess it`s still going on.

Don`t they hire good programmers and engineers to keep them safe? After all, they do handle a lot of sensitive financial information.

What makes people want to buy?

cash in envelopePeople and businesses buy for 5 reasons : make money, save money, convenience, strategic advantage and to save time. You have to be able to show how one or more of these is the reason to purchase your product.

Status purchases for people such as cars and big houses falls under strategic advantage..

Russian skier Maria Komissarova can stand on her feet

Maria Komissarova in uniform Olympic skierIt’s been months since we’ve heard of any update on Maria Komissarova. She is recovering after her injury in a private clinic in Spain, undergoing revolutionary rehabilitation with Dr. Blum.

In a recent interview, Pamela Thorburn, another athlete and a friend of Maria, mentioned about some progress. As she says it – “I’m also good friends with Maria Komissarova from Russia, who was paralysed on the Olympic course in Sochi earlier this year. She’s getting treatment at a clinic in Spain at the moment that costs about €1,000 a day, and she’ll be there for 15 weeks. It seems to be working though – I hear she can now stand at least.”

Considering that other doctors were saying that Maria will never walk again, this is an amazing progress!

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